Electronic Application Market places still violates the European Law

Steam, Google Play, App Sore, PlayStation network , Market place basically, almost all available electronic application market services still violates the European law as they don't allow reselling of used software. Moreover, they usually violates some local laws as i.e. in Czech law there is a paragraph stating that I can claim goods bought over the internet until two weeks and get a refund for it without giving any reason. That's basically because I can't try or overlook the goods before I buy it so I can submit a reclamation an claim it back if it it does not fit my needs or expectations.

I know the software market is a bit different from regular goods markets and we usually just obtain a permission (a license) to use the software. But according to European Court of Justice decision in case of Oracle vs Usedsoft we are able to sell the software license to anybody else when we uninstall the software from computers and we make sure the software will not be used on devices we hold anymore. And it does not matter if we buy a software copy on the physical media (such as CD, DVD, Flash Drive or Hard Drives) or if we buy it as the electronic copy and download it from the Internet.

So what is going on here?

Let's take a look on Steam. I have full library of games I don't play anymore and I'll not probably play them in future. I wanted to give these games to somebody from my family. For free of course. Unfortunately, this is not possible. It is possible to share the Steam library with another few people but these people can't play games from my library when I am online and playing another game. This makes sense to me. But what is the reason I can't transfer my license to anybody else and move the game from my to his library? I would even accept some small payment to be paid to Steam for such transfer as a payment for the software database maintenance and internet line usage as it makes sense the another person would install such game. In case I would own a full copy on a physical media including a installation key and I would sell, or better said give it to another person while I'll not have another copies and installations of the software on my devices there is no any problem. If there is anything in the license agreement stating the license is not transferable to another person and can't be resold it is against the European Union law and at least people in counties European Union are not directed to accept such clauses.

There is more worse situation with gaming consoles and their game markets.What if I will decide to sell the console? Nobody can't force me to keep it until end of my life. But according to "network subscriptions" agreements I am not allowed to make my account available to anybody else. Moreover, I can't transfer it to anybody else. So what to do with it?

The same is valid for applications in the App Store, Google Play or Market place. It not possible to transfer bought applications (better said licenses) to anybody else. The situation there is much worse there. Many times there is no possibility to test the application as there is no free demo version of it available. And once you'll buy it you can't usually get your money back or it is really, really hard and requires a lot of explanations and so many communication with the shop support and management. Why it could not be that simple like buying it? Because those global companies would loose so much money.

I would really like to know why nobody who can fight these global companies didn't start do something in these cases. Would I find some supporters in such cases?


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